The Reception

Backyard Russian Fusion BBQ with Music & Merriment

Food, Music, and Celebration!

Stick around after the ceremony with “The Honeycutts” as we’ll all get a chance to mingle, catch up with old friends, make new friends and let the spirit of the day take us where it will!

We will not have a dance floor, and this is a backyard event, so ladies – shoe selection alert 🙂 Don’t worry though, the whole backyard IS the dance floor, as there will be an eclectic array of music and musicians to fill  the space and make the live oak leaves flutter.  Right now, we have music by Me and Martha, who will be playing some amazing bluegrass and old time music, and will be adding some more of our “friends” to the musical ensemble as the day gets closer.  Stay tuned!


Speaking of Filling up…

Yup! Our backyard event will have a food truck delivering a tasty array of Russian fusion BBQ fare. Panavoir’s menu reflects their respect for global street food through their interpretations of the classic delicacies found at sidewalk stalls & pushcart kitchens around the world.

We have a fun menu planned. A little Joseph family heritage tied in with good ol’ local NC flavors, but food truck-style! So, no formal sit-down meal per se… We want to keep the day fluid and light and unstructured.

PS: The ceremony & reception will be on the lawn; choose your footwear accordingly!

Childcare Services

If you are bringing your children but would like to be kid free during a portion of your stay on the beach we recommend contacting Kiirsten at OBX Island Childcare. Here is the website: